my feels triggers: eva

Hi, everyone!  This is Eva [and I’m here to talk to you about the Avengers Initiative] and I’ll be writing today’s post.  I’ll be talking about some of the books, films, and musicals that trigger tears and feels and depression inside me (should be a fun topic, right?).  Now, I tend to cry at pretty much anything that’s even remotely sad, so if I listed every single thing that made me cry, we’d be here all week.  So I’m just going to list the biggest things.  The ones that make me cry the hardest, all the time.  Sometimes even when I just think about them.  And if I make it out of this post dry-eyed, it’ll be a miracle…

1. Les Misérables


Ah, Les Mis.  The ultimate fandom for feeeeels.  I mean, all the characters die except for two (and the Thenardiers don’t really count).  I’m sure there’s other fandoms that have done similar things (The Book Thief, and from what I’ve heard, Harry Potter is one of those, and the TV show Supernatural where all the main characters die several times), but you’ve got to admit that Les Mis is something…special.  I guess Victor Hugo just had it in for his characters.  Almost every death has its own heartbreaking song in the musical, and if you read the book, well, it’s even worse.  The entire book is depressing (although it does have its light spots), and if you don’t spend the entire second act of the musical is varying stages of tears, Les Mis feels just aren’t for you.  I bawl my eyes out every time, without fail.  Feels Rating: 10/10

2. Marvel


You may be thinking to yourself ‘What?  Why is Marvel, of all things, on her list?  Don’t they make light-hearted, fun superhero movies?’.  Yes.  Yes they do.  Up against the grimmer DC movies such as Man Of Steel and the Batman trilogy, Marvel films are somewhat frothy barrels of laughter.  Plenty of humour, lots of cool special effects, and interesting (if not deep) plotlines.  BUT.  There is definitely lots of room for feels.  See, once upon a time, there was an agent of SHIELD named Phil.  And this agent believed in superheroes.  Really hard (especially Captain America).  Just like the big name superheroes, he would have done anything to keep his friends and his world safe from harm.  And, in the end, he sacrificed his life to reach that goal.  He still believed in those heroes – the Avengers – and eventually, they proved his faith in them right.  But it took his death to bring them together.  Are you CRYING yet???  Phil Coulson’s death is one of the hardest things I’ve ever watched.  And, besides that, there are a bunch of other examples in the Marvelverse.  “Yeah, I just…I had a date.”  SOBSOBSOB.  And what about The Winter Soldier?  FEELS ALL AROUND.  The Marvel movies are definitely fun, but there’s an underlying current of feels [at times] that’s impossible to ignore.  Feels Rating: 8/10

3. Jack Cavanaugh’s Books

[there’s no picture, because his work is, unfortunately, very little known]

Jack Cavanaugh knows how to write the ultimate emotional story.  I’m not going to say much about it, since very few people have ever heard of his books (so I wouldn’t be making much sense to anyone), but he’s my favorite modern author and his books always make me cry.  Each and every one of them.  Sometimes, it’s not even all that sad (although he writes character deaths extremely well).  It’s more the way he tells certain parts of the story.  One of my friends [+me] is still devastated over the death of one particular character (Pascal, I’m sure you know who I mean) and it’s been months since we read the book that he died in (it was The Allies, in case you’re interested in having your heart broken).  I say that if a book can still make me cry after multiple re-reads, it’s a good book, and that’s exactly what his do for me.  Feels Rating: 8/10

4. Frozen/Tangled (Frangled)


Goodness, Disney seems to want to wreck our lives, right?  Just look at the above pictures.  At least everything worked out all right in the end, but these two films still hit me right in the feels.  And it’s not just the scenes near the ending.  Some of the musical numbers can be pretty hard to take too – ‘Do You Want To Build A Snowman?’, ‘For The First Time In Forever (reprise)’, and ‘I See The Light’ are all cry-worthy songs, for all sorts of different reasons.  And what about the scene where Rapunzel unites with her parents?  Elsa melts the ice?  Eugene seemingly deserts Rapunzel?  Even the tiny things, like a facial expression or a phrase, have the power to induce tears, just because we know how things end up.  Basically anything with the king and queen in Tangled will melt me.  Same with Elsa in Frozen.  Everything hurts sometimes.  Feels Rating: 5/10

So there you have it.  A few of the most feelsy fandoms that I’m a part of.  I could go on (Sue Thomas F.B.Eye, Johnny Tremain, The Book Thief…), but I won’t bore you (at least not right now).  I’ll probably have to do a part two sometime, but for now, let’s leave it at this, shall we?



3 thoughts on “my feels triggers: eva

      • Yay. It looks a little better now. 😀 I’d have said it was an 11/10 (and Les Mis was 24601/10, geeeeet it?). We’ll see how my feels triggers post goes. 😀

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