why do we fangirl?

join-a-fandom-and-die-with-feelsWhy do we fangirl?

It’s a fair question.

The same could be said of the question: Why do we become obsessed with fandoms and devote entire blogs, Pinterest boards, and Facebook pages to them? Aren’t our crazy lives enough to get excited about?


I’d say no.5012b4a712026e59bccf670ad3388349

Eva just did a wonderful post on getting too obsessed with actors and the characters they play, and I think this applies to fandoms, too. (The post is well worth the read and, if you have time, I’d encourage you to do so!)

I know people who have gotten completely and totally obsessed with certain fandoms to the point of utter distraction. They’re unable to think or talk about anything else. I know how this feels because I was one of those people – and, if I were completely honest with you guys, still am about certain things on certain days. (THAT LAST EMMA APPROVED EPISODE, ANYONE?!)

So, yes, I think that, without boundaries, fandoms can be, well, deadly. Deadly to your relationships, especially with the Lord.9173376294505ce9cb7026b2922b043b

But I also think that, with boundaries, fandoms are a good thing. For me personally, my fandoms have helped me make friends with people I would have never met. That’s how Jane and I first met and it’s also how Eva and I first met. Our mutual love of certain fandoms is what initially brought the three of us together and we’ve talked about the fandoms for hours on end. But we’ve also talked about other things – important things like relationships and love and marriage and God.

Another reason why I think loving fandoms is a good thing is because – again, personally – I think it has given me the capacity to love non-fandom things more thoroughly. I don’t really know how to explain it, so I’ll just leave it at that. If anybody knows what I’m talking about, you can comment.


I’m glad I’m a geeky fangirl. I’m glad I like things like this. I’m grateful for the way being a fangirl has changed me for the better and for good.28b9df115231bb1204f6e09eb7edf5e1


If you have any thoughts on this, please comment! We love comments. 🙂



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