a brief hiatus

Hello, my fellow fangirls!  This is Eva just popping in to say that Feelsy Feels will be on hiatus for a week or two.  School just started back up for me (I live in Canada) and I’m having a bit of trouble scheduling school, writing, and blogging for three different blogs.  Eowyn is currently on vacation, and I know Jane’s schedule is always pretty busy (school and whatnot) so I’ve taken it upon myself to announce a leave-of-absence.  Along with time constraints, there are also some longer, analytical posts I want to publish here and a break from actually have to blog will allow me to get them written in relative peace and quiet.  I hope to see all of you again in a couple of weeks.



my favorite sherlock fanvideo…

I’ve decided to follow Eowyn’s lead and do fanvid posts when I’m busy–and I am busy at the moment. *groans*  Anyways, today I’m going to share my Very Favorite Sherlock Fanvid with ya’ll.  Enjoy! (Or melt into a puddle of feelsy tears.  That works too.)