“we’ll follow the old man wherever he wants to go…”

(UGGGGGH.  I’m tearing up just re-reading the title of this post.)

A few days ago, I watched White Christmas for the second time in seven years.  Approximately seven years ago, I was having a sleepover with all my other siblings at my grandparents’ house, and once all my brothers or sisters were asleep, Grandma came downstairs and asked me if I wanted to watch a movie just with her and Grandpa.  Of course I said yes. 😀  And White Christmas was the movie we watched.  It was so long ago that I don’t remember any of my reaction to it, just that I had indeed seen it before when Mom brought it up (this being the Christmas time of year and all).  Actually, she just suggested that one of my sisters and I learn how to sing “Sisters” together and I asked where that song was from, she told me, and after I got to thinking about the little bits and pieces I remembered about the movie, I went out and got it from the library.

Because, from what I remembered, it was nearly everything I liked in a movie.  Old movie musical?  Check.  Lots of dancing and singing?  Check.  WWII/soldiers?  Check.  Famous old movie stars?  Check.  Yep, I was pretty sure I would love White Christmas.  My sister (the same one who’s going to sing “Sisters” with me…sometime), was pretty excited about it too.  Soooo…we started it.  And as soon as all the soldiers started singing for General Waverly, the ending of the film rushed back to me.  I turned to my mom and said “I’m going to cry at the end of this.”  To which she replied, “I’m already crying.”  Hoo boy.  I should’ve known right then and there the onslaught of Feels (with a capital ‘F’) was going to be tremendous.  And if I’d thought that then, I wouldn’t have been wrong.


There were some Feelings during the whole fake engagement and Betty leaving thing because all I could think of was “What’s it going to be like when Elisabeth or I get engaged/married?” (alá Anne Shirley) but the biggest thing was, like I’d thought, the ending.  I haven’t cried so much/so hard during a movie for a loooong time – I’d actually kind of forgotten what it was like to cry for a movie at the level of, say, Les Miserables or BBC’s Robin Hood.  It was so emotional! (in a happy way)  And I don’t really want to give spoilers, in case some people reading this haven’t watched the movie (YOU SHOULD, THOUGH), but you’ll probably cry too.  White Christmas is definitely a film like Saving Mr Banks, in that I tear up just thinking about certain parts.

Oh, well.  Sad is happy for deep people.



random ‘combat!’ post

I know I’ve been doing all the posts lately.  Ashley/Eowyn and Jane are around here – they’re just pretty busy.  Anyway, I don’t mind writing up posts for this blog, even if most of them are kind of spur-of-the-moment.  A new movie trailer, a quick book review, or, in the case of this post, something really quick just to vent some feels.  Happy, warm, fuzzy feels this time. (I’m going to do a post eventually about the different types of feels, btw)  I was watching ‘The Little Carousel’ last night, and there was a scene that just really made my day.  As in “THOSE ARE MY BOYS BEING AWESOME AND SUCH GOOD FRIENDS I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH” made my day.

Basic backstory: The Squad is checking out a French town to make sure it’s safe for the townspeople to come back.  Annnd, that’s about it.  Hanley’s in his temporary CP.  He needs to see Saunders.  And then THIS conversation happens…

Saunders: “What’s it look like, lieutenant?”
Hanley: “Good and bad.  Our artillery smothered the Kraut guns.”
Saunders: “And the bad?”
Hanley: “German infantry may be moving up in the woods, north side of town.”
Saunders: “How big a unit?”
Hanley: “Company doesn’t know.  It’s French civilian info.  Captain Jampel wants us to check it out.  Send Caje and four men.  They move out in half an hour.”
Saunders: “I’ll go, lieutenant.”
Hanley: “You’re bushed.”
Saunders: “I rested.” [note from Eva: at this point, Hanley gives him a “oh, really?” look and it’s great]
Hanley: “All right.  Now, this Kraut move may be anything – small harassment, pretty good size push, a feint to pull us off our left flank.  Don’t engage the enemy unless it’s a small patrol you think you can handle.  Soon as you make contact, radio back.”
Saunders: “Anything else?”
Hanley:  “Yeah….take care of yourself.”
Saunders: “Always.”


I paused the episode right there and my sister and I were both fangirling in a rather insane way. 😀


six new unbroken clips!

I love this collage! @inklingspress

AKA ‘Prelude To Dying From Excessive Amounts Of Feelings’.


Ashley and I are going to be all “We’re gonna die out here!”  And our parents/siblings are going to be all “You’re not dying!!!”


Anywho.  SIX. NEW. CLIPS.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FOR MONTHS.  Now, I’m not naive.  They’ve probably chopped parts out of the already small clips, but it’s wayyyy better than nothing.  I’m just saying that we’ll have to wait until the movie comes out to see the scenes in their full glory.  Probably.  From what I can see, this film is going to be visually stunning.  Each clip was a pleasure to watch, just from an aesthetic point of view.  Lemme give you my thoughts on each clip…

  • ‘Pete Sees Louie Off’ (note to self: it’s LouiE, not LouiS) – Um.  Already, I’m crying.  And speechless.  And completely loaded down with the sheer amazingness of what this film’s going to be.  Without Pete, there wouldn’t be a story, and I LOVE how his and Louie’s relationship shines through in this little snippet.  LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.
  • ‘Berlin Olympics’ – This post is going to end up sounding like a broken record.  Again, I’m completely blown away by these clips.  The way it flips back and forth between Louie racing and the Zamperinis listening in on the radio made me smile.  Pete’s little “C’mon, Louie” and everyone speaking Italian and Louise half-crying…GAH.  Why did they have to cut it off???
  • ‘Flag Down A Passing Plane’ – Intense.  So. Intense.  I don’t know if my brain is going to be able to handle this movie.  The plane!  The sharks!  The water!  EVERYTHING!
  • ‘The Bird’ – Miyavi is amazing as the Bird.  I mean, he captured the twisted personality and evil/wrong presence of the Bird perfectly.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor.  He’s that good.  The way he kind of smiles when he says “Look at me” is…wow.  Chill-worthy, in a creepy way.
  • ‘Japanese Radio Men’ – This is the clip that really struck me with how visual this movie is.  The camera angles, the lighting, the glimpse of prisoners being marched away through a smudged window…I love the style of Unbroken already.  Again, Miyavi/the Bird is chilling and slightly insane and I’m cringing just thinking of everything that comes after this.  Including Louie’s letter home because I know I’m going to be majorly crying.
  • ‘Beat Their Captors’ – Two words: John Fitzgerald.  He’s got to be in my top three favorite characters (although picking favorite characters is extremely hard when it comes to Unbroken) and he’s awesome in this clip.  Quiet encouragement and just….I have endless amounts of admiration for Fitzgerald.  He did pretty much anything he had to so that the other prisoners would be safe (safer?) and in the end, when the camp was liberated, he refused to leave until all the sick POWs had been taken out.  Refused to leave.  I mean.  I just.  HOW HUGE IS THAT?

If you need me, I’ll just be an incoherent puddle of tears.


my CURRENT feels triggers: eva

So, awhile back, I posted about feels triggers. (as did Eowyn and Jane)  Those things I posted about still give me feels on a regular basis, but I’m always gaining new fandoms, latching onto new things, so what gives me major attacks of feels one day may not influence me so much the next.  Anyway, I’m going to talk about the things that currently have me all semi-depressed and feelsy on a regular basis. (I don’t know if Eowyn or Jane’ll be doing these posts as well – I just put my name in the post title so you wouldn’t have to wait till the very end of the post to figure out who exactly’s writing :))

  • Combat! – FEEEEEEEEEELS.  EVERYWHERE.  Ugh.  There’s too much I could say about this show and I won’t dump all that on you, but I’ll just say…be warned.  Don’t even think about watching any episodes unless you’re absolutely sure you want the whole thing to break your heart and crush your soul.  It’s not all doom and depression and hopelessness, but there’s enough to make a ‘sad is happy for deep people’ person, well, happy.  I recommend watching ‘Hills Are For Heroes’, ‘The Hostages’, ‘Glow Against The Sky’, ‘Bridgehead’, and ‘Survival’ if you want to enter the…interesting world of Combat! feels. (at least for starters)  And if you want happiness, watch ‘The Town That Went Away’, ‘The Party’, and ‘The Prisoner’.  Simple as that.
  • Unbroken – As Eowyn and I have discussed, ‘feels’ is too petty of a word to describe what I feel toward Unbroken.  For one thing, it’s a true story.  An amazing true story about, among other things, how God can work behind-the-scenes and turn a life around for His glory.  From what I’ve heard of the film, Angelina Jolie barely touched on Louis’ conversion, which I think is a crying shame.  If he hadn’t gotten saved, there wouldn’t be a story.  So read the book before you watch the film.  But, again, be warned.  It will consume your EVERYTHING. (check out my review of Unbroken here)
  • Songs In The Night (series) – Oh, man.  This series is just…amazing and intense and practically perfect in every way.  I’ve read it several times (in the middle of re-reading it right now) and it never gets old.  I’ve got the stories memorized (basically), I know the characters so well that they’re almost like close friends, and the stupid thing never fails to make me cry.  REALLY cry.  Several times.  I CAN’T EVEN WITH THESE BOOKS.  No-one besides my mom has read all three (and she read them a pretty long time ago), so I kind of feel like it’s my own, personal little thing that I don’t want anyone else to discover.  Does that make sense?  Probably not, but it’s how I feel. (check out my review of the second book, His Watchful Eye, here)
  • Saints And Soldiers – I key-smashed about all my feels for this movie in my review, so I won’t reiterate all of that.  Short version: this film is near perfection for a fangirl – super feelsy, awesome characters, interesting story.  If you’re a fan of war movies, you’ll love it.
  • WWII In General – That’s how I roll these days.  Everyone else is freaking out over Mockingjay Part 1 and I’m just sitting here with my super-obscure fandoms and no-one to share The Feelz with. *sigh* (not that I mind all THAT much)


P.S. Eowyn and I have decided between ourselves to make the ‘the awesomeness that is…’ posts a semi-regular thing.  Both guy and girl characters if at all possible.  Just a little news flash there 🙂

mr. squirrels is BACK!

Look at the title of this episode of Girl Meets World!


In case any of you don’t know, Mr. Squirrels is one of Eric’s many nicknames, from this iconic scene from Boy Meets World.

FINALLY, we’ll get to learn where Eric’s been for the past 12 years!!!  YEE-HAHHHHHH.  (“And the libations!”  “YAH-HAH.”)


Cory’s shovel shirt CRACKS ME UP. It’s like the celery poster in his room. (“There’s nothing about me that separates me from anybody else.” Poor insecure College Cory.)

And we’ll get to see my beautiful Shawn baby again in Season 2, so YAYYYYYYYYYY.


Overall, it looks like Season 2 is going to be fantastic.  The second season of BMW is where all the feels and deep stuff started to happen (especially all of the Shawn Drama), so I. Can’t. Wait.