mr. squirrels is BACK!

Look at the title of this episode of Girl Meets World!


In case any of you don’t know, Mr. Squirrels is one of Eric’s many nicknames, from this iconic scene from Boy Meets World.

FINALLY, we’ll get to learn where Eric’s been for the past 12 years!!!  YEE-HAHHHHHH.  (“And the libations!”  “YAH-HAH.”)


Cory’s shovel shirt CRACKS ME UP. It’s like the celery poster in his room. (“There’s nothing about me that separates me from anybody else.” Poor insecure College Cory.)

And we’ll get to see my beautiful Shawn baby again in Season 2, so YAYYYYYYYYYY.


Overall, it looks like Season 2 is going to be fantastic.  The second season of BMW is where all the feels and deep stuff started to happen (especially all of the Shawn Drama), so I. Can’t. Wait.


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