fanvid friday | don’t you worry, child {boy meets world}

I’m currently nearing the end of Boy Meets World (AHHHHHHHHHH WHAT WILL I DO WHEN IT’S OVERRRRR?!), and feels are running rampant.  Joshua was born and nearly died (ack), Jack and Rachel are getting together (mixed feelings), Cory and Topanga are getting married (SQUEEEEE), and Eric and Tommy… (ACK).  And don’t even get me STARTED on the Shawn Drama.  First his breakup with Angela, then his dad DIED, then… ugh, I can’t.  On a scale of one to even, I can’t with this kid.

So, in light of all of the Shawn Drama going on (and you can be sure that I’ll be constructing a post dedicated to Shawn in the near future), here is my absolute hands-down favorite Shawn-centric fanvid in the history of ever.  I’ve probably posted this video here before, but… here it is again because it’s so good.  (Tissues recommended.)


fanvid friday | bring him home {sherlock}

I’ve finally gotten around to watching more of Sherlock (saw “The Empty Hearse” yesterday, and I might be watching “The Reichenbach Fall” tonight–how is it even possible to be so excited and yet so tearful??), so I figured now was the perfect time to share my favorite Sherlock fanvideo, EVER.  Les Mis improves everything. 😉

fanvid friday | saints & soldiers

*takes Ashley by the shoulders*

*looks deep into her eyes*

“Don’t. EVER. Watch. This. Movie.”


(kind of.)


Who knew that there was a whole sub-fandom for Saints & Soldiers (I say sub-fandom, because as far as I know, there isn’t a ‘real’ fandom for the film) that was dedicated to making absolutely heartbreaking fan-videos?  Certainly not me.  Until yesterday, I was blissfully ignorant of the fact, and then I was browsing Youtube when I stumbled across one of them…and then another and another and another, until I was so overloaded on feels it wasn’t even funny.  So, naturally, I thought I’d share a couple for today fan-vid post, because FEEEEEEEEEELS.  The whole movie is devastatingly heartbreaking to begin with, and then put a bunch of the feelsiest clips to songs and, well, I was a wreck.  (Ashley, when you watch this movie, YOU WILL NEVER, EVER RECOVER END OF STORY.)

(Warning: The following fan-videos contain major spoilers.  For more information on the movie, check out my spoiler-free review.)

I don’t care for this song – too much…modernity? – so it limits the amount of times I watch this fan-video (note: most fan-video music is pretty much the farthest thing from my style of music, but if the video is well done, I’ll give it a shot), but that’s probably a good thing because it’s-it’s-  I CAN’T EVEN DESCRIBE ALL MY FEELINGS RIGHT NOW. (Doesn’t help that I watched a TWS fan-video set to the same song, which was uber-feelsy.)  Especially the lyric “I need to let you go” paired with THAT CERTAIN CHARACTER’S DEATH AND WHY CAN’T DEACON EVER HAVE ANY HAPPINESS IN HIS LIFE FOR GOODNESS’ SAKE.

Excuse me while I go drown my sorrows in a bowl of chocolate ice cream (the fangirl’s life line).  Again, I’ve watched a fan-video that used the same song that’s in this one (actually, that Combat! one that I shared in my post about Doc), and it HURTS SO. MUCH.  Deacon just…I just…I CAN’T EVEN.  ESPECIALLY SINCE HE’S MARRIED AND HIS WIFE’S EXPECTING A BABY WHICH IS AWFUL, PLUS HIS BACKSTORY AND IT’S AWFUL.  Ahem.  Sorry about that, Chief. (Bonus points if you understood that reference.)  But, anyway, “Sound The Bugle” fits Deacon’s character perfectly.  Soooo perfectly. (In a heartwrenching way, of course, because there’s no other way you can view Saints & Soldiers, and Deacon especially.)

ACK.  The whole thing is terrible and emotional and I-don’t-know-why-I-watched-this-in-the-first-place-ish.

So you’ll have to forgive me if my rantings are barely intelligible – that’s just the way I feel right now.

Until next time,


P.S. Ashley, if you really want to watch some clips, there are a couple of non-spoiler ones on Youtube.  I don’t know how much sense they’ll make, out of context, but you’ll get a feel for the tone and mood and characters and Feelz.  First clip is here, second clip is here. (And after you’ve watched the film, they’ll both be a million times more feelsy.)

fanvid friday | maya/lucas vs. maya/josh {girl meets world}

So I’ve been watching a lot of Girl Meets World lately.  It’s *quite* obvious that the writers put Lucas into the story to be the romantic lead and, probably, end up with Riley.

But anything can happen.

To this day, I still can’t decide whether I ship Joshaya or Lucaya (as some fans have labeled the ships).  I can see Lucas and Maya getting together in the end because of the friendship and romantic tension between them that has surfaced already, but I also think Josh and Maya would be SUPER cute together.  But who knows – maybe Maya just currently has an infatuation with Josh (she is, however, “in for the long haul.”).


(I also watch the following video fairly often – it’s on my “loop” playlist – and I think it accurately describes the tension between the two.  Which, as a writer, I love.)