fanvid friday | feet can’t keep on the ground {spider-man}

This is one of my favorite Spider-Man fanvids ever.  I’m a pretty huge Peter Parker fan (as some of you may know), so that’s high praise.  Why?  Because, honestly, he’s got one of the best storylines of any Marvel character, and definitely one of the feelsiest.  (Yes, Eva, even more feelsy than Steve and Bucky.  I’m not even kidding.)  I’m going to do an entire post about him one of these days, I promise.  I just have to get my life in order first.  😉

(The music for this video is a little dub-steppy.  : ))))) )

On a related note, how many of you enjoyed Nerd Christmas yesterday?  A Star Wars trailer AND the Batman vs. Superman trailer!  I didn’t really care about either, but does anyone want to weigh in on one or both of them?


2 thoughts on “fanvid friday | feet can’t keep on the ground {spider-man}


    Okay sorry, I’m back now. I may or may not have almost cried.

    I have issues…but, LUKE! LEIA! HAAAAAAN! (funny story, I always hated Han Solo….yet I still fangirled when he came on the trailer) STORM TROOPERS THAT ARE PEOPLE ACTUALLY! I think this calls for a marathon. ALL. SIX. FILMS.

    *cough* sorry. As for the DC one….I don’t even like those two characters and I was disappointed in the trailer. Why is DC so lame? Sorry, I’m not a DC fan. 🙂

    That music video. HOLY EDITING SKILLS, SPIDER-MAN! I’m so jelly. I need to improve my video making. ‘Course I’ve only made two….I’LL GET BETTER ONE DAY. But yeah that’s a good video. I like it.

    Yes I love Peter. He was my intro to superheroes — as Toby, which is why I have a soft spot in my heart for hat first film, even if I pretty much hate everything else about them. Nonetheless I loved him. I think I was 12 maybe. Andrew Garfield is so good though. Speaking of which, I just saw someone at school who looked like his twin. Weird. Did you see the second Amazing Spider-man? I cried. Hard. It was not a good night.

    Yeah I’m done now. BYYYYEE!

    • Yes. 😀 Did you enjoy it? I’m probably going to see it with my siblings, but I probably won’t like it. LOL. Not a Warsie by any stretch of the imagination.

      I’m not a DC fan, either. MARVELLLLLL.

      I KNOWWWWW!!!! It was for a contest and the girl who did it won. Fantastic, right? Awesome!

      Same here – especially with Toby. He’s not as good as Andrew, but he has his moments. He’s like a little-boy-type-cute version of Peter. 😛 Nice! I have a cousin who is the SPITTING. FREAKING. IMAGE. of Andrew. Weirdness.

      UGHHHH, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I’ve seen it twice. Soooo awesome. I love it. 🙂

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