fanvid friday | avengers

Yay for Age of Ultron leaked clips!!!  (Sorry about the lack of posting recently, guys.  Chalk it up to busy school schedules, life, and moving.  We’ll return to posting actual posts when we feel like it.)


fanvid friday | clintasha

Just saw Age of Ultron, so today we’re doing Clintasha fanvids, because why on earth not.  (Except that one reason… ugh.  Spoilery Clintasha feels rant to follow shortly.)

Solo Natasha:

Solo Clint:

Grand finale with my favorite:

seen the new ‘age of ultron’ trailer?

Fangirling sooooo hard right now….

My thoughts:

  • “I’ll take that from them first.”  O_O
  • New Avengers tower!
  • So many Steve scenes!
  • What’s with Bruce/Natasha???
  • “I got no plans tomorrow night.”  : ((((
  • Avengers vs. Themselves – UGH.
  • “You had to ask.”  The sass is strong with this one!
  • NEEDS MOAR HAWKEYE.  (And more Clintasha, but I’m not being picky.)

captain america: the winter soldier – THE BRAINWASHING SCENE

A couple days ago, I watched TWS for the third time (ahhhh…just as epic as ever!) and found that I had wayyyyy too many feelings and thoughts about The Brainwashing Scene (now rather infamous among the fans) to keep them to myself.  So I’m going to dump everything on you guys, and we can all have a feels fest together.  Before I get started, let me just say that I hate Pierce.  I despise Pierce.  He’s the worst Marvel villain, in my opinion, and one of the worst villains in general.  I couldn’t be more against him and his methods if I tried.  Just wanted to get that out of the way before I went on.

  • First of all, you may or may not have noticed that Bucky’s metal arm is WELDED to his SKIN.  What kind of sick person does that to another person? (I used to feel sorry for Dr Zola – based on The First Avenger – but now my opinion of him is low, very low)  HYDRA and everything connected to it is despicable and awful.  The end.
  • Bucky’s flashbacks.  Some of it we already know, namely the train scene (which is heartbreaking in and of itself), but there’s also Zola’s creepiness and operation and being put into deep freeze…  And Bucky looks so frightened when the thingy (I don’t know if it’s a crate or case or coffin or WHAT) is freezing over.
  • Pierce’s slap.  It’s so obvious that he doesn’t very the Winter Soldier as anything other than a machine (‘the asset’), and what do people do when their machines stop working?  Hit them.  The slap wasn’t even really all that hard, and after going through potentially dozens of horrific brain wipes, it probably didn’t really hurt Bucky at all.  But it’s the physiological idea of the thing that matters.
  • And, finally, the actual brainwashing itself.  I just…I don’t even really have any words.  The whole scene is horrifying and disturbing and a whole lot of other adjectives that I won’t bore you with right now.  It’s probably the hardest scene I’ve ever, well, seen.  Do you agree?