fanvid friday | you were always gold to me {boy meets world}

I recently discovered this fanvid, and it instantly became one of my favorites.  It highlights Cory and Shawn’s friendship and how deep it is.  It also goes into how they’re always there for each other.  One of my favorite parts is when you see the parallels in what they say to one another.

“I don’t even know who I am!” | “Well, Shawn, I know who you are!  You’re Shawn Hunter!  You’re my friend.  What else do you need to know?”

“I mean, what am I?” | “You’re Cory.  You’re my best friend.  What else do you need to know?”

*cries tears*  (Seriously, I cry every time I watch this video.  It’s painful.)


fanvid friday | don’t you worry, child {boy meets world}

I’m currently nearing the end of Boy Meets World (AHHHHHHHHHH WHAT WILL I DO WHEN IT’S OVERRRRR?!), and feels are running rampant.  Joshua was born and nearly died (ack), Jack and Rachel are getting together (mixed feelings), Cory and Topanga are getting married (SQUEEEEE), and Eric and Tommy… (ACK).  And don’t even get me STARTED on the Shawn Drama.  First his breakup with Angela, then his dad DIED, then… ugh, I can’t.  On a scale of one to even, I can’t with this kid.

So, in light of all of the Shawn Drama going on (and you can be sure that I’ll be constructing a post dedicated to Shawn in the near future), here is my absolute hands-down favorite Shawn-centric fanvid in the history of ever.  I’ve probably posted this video here before, but… here it is again because it’s so good.  (Tissues recommended.)

fanvid friday | maya/lucas vs. maya/josh {girl meets world}

So I’ve been watching a lot of Girl Meets World lately.  It’s *quite* obvious that the writers put Lucas into the story to be the romantic lead and, probably, end up with Riley.

But anything can happen.

To this day, I still can’t decide whether I ship Joshaya or Lucaya (as some fans have labeled the ships).  I can see Lucas and Maya getting together in the end because of the friendship and romantic tension between them that has surfaced already, but I also think Josh and Maya would be SUPER cute together.  But who knows – maybe Maya just currently has an infatuation with Josh (she is, however, “in for the long haul.”).


(I also watch the following video fairly often – it’s on my “loop” playlist – and I think it accurately describes the tension between the two.  Which, as a writer, I love.)

mr. squirrels is BACK!

Look at the title of this episode of Girl Meets World!


In case any of you don’t know, Mr. Squirrels is one of Eric’s many nicknames, from this iconic scene from Boy Meets World.

FINALLY, we’ll get to learn where Eric’s been for the past 12 years!!!  YEE-HAHHHHHH.  (“And the libations!”  “YAH-HAH.”)


Cory’s shovel shirt CRACKS ME UP. It’s like the celery poster in his room. (“There’s nothing about me that separates me from anybody else.” Poor insecure College Cory.)

And we’ll get to see my beautiful Shawn baby again in Season 2, so YAYYYYYYYYYY.


Overall, it looks like Season 2 is going to be fantastic.  The second season of BMW is where all the feels and deep stuff started to happen (especially all of the Shawn Drama), so I. Can’t. Wait.

on fanvids

One of my favorite fangirling indulgences (kinda like guilty pleasures, except I don’t feel guilty doing it) is to watch fanvids – music videos that fans have made with clips and soundbites from movies.  I download them and watch/listen to them while I do random things (even while writing, which incorporates feels from other fandoms into my novels).  I think they’re one of the better things that come out of fandoms.  The art of music paired with the memories from the movies is just phenomenal!

But I digress.

I’ve decided to start posting some of my favorite fanvids on my day when I’m too lazy to come up with something to write about when my crazy life forbids me to indulge in the awesomeness that is feels by writing a super-long post about THE AWESOMENESS of… whatever I feel like writing about.

Without further ado, one of my favorite fanvids from one of my favorite fandoms – BOY MEETS WORLD.

This video spans the entire series in chronological order, which I think is just awesome.  Basic spoilers from each episode, but it’s okay.  You’d learn all this stuff anywhere.  😀

my feels triggers: eowyn

Hey, guys!!  Eowyn here.  I was going to do an epic post about one of my favorite fandoms… when I realized…



So I’m here to talk about my feels triggers.  The epic post will have to wait.  (Also, these are strictly my movie feels triggers.  If I included books in here… we’d all be here forever.)


6 – Disney

Okay, so I’m a 90’s kid.  Most of the movies during Disney’s (FIRST) Golden Age came out when I was little, so I grew up on them.  Disney will always have a special place in my heart.  I’ve really enjoyed seeing the newer Disney movies going back to their older standards, which is why I called the Golden Age the first one.  The most recent examples of this are Frozen and Maleficent, which both show that true love isn’t always between a guy and a girl.


5 – Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit

I’m a Tolkiendil, and Faramir is my favorite character in the entire Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit fandom.  I had to read all of the LOTR books before I could watch the movies, and I’ll remember them forever!  While I’m not one of those huuuuuge fans who has an entire cosplay wardrobe or can say the pledge of allegiance in Elvish… I still love watching the movies – The Superior EXTENDED Editions, thankyouverymuch.


4- Les Miserables

Ugh, Les Mis…. Why must you torture me so?  This is my favorite musical evah, and I love it for so many reasons!!!  Whenever someone says they don’t like it, I instantly go all “Who cares about your lonely soul?” on them.  (You don’t want to see me like that.  Trust me.)  Honestly, where is there a better example of the law vs. grace, besides Christ’s ultimate sacrifice for sinners like you and me?  True, it’s been called The Musical Where Everyone Dies, but it’s totally worth it.  One of my dreams is to see it on Broadway!


3 – The Hunger Games

Okay.  This is a relatively new fandom for me (as in, I was finally allowed to read the books and watch the movies less than a month ago), but I’m all in.  When I read the books, I was completely and totally enamored with how deep they all are!  There are so many great analogies and morals.  I can’t wait to read the books again!  Hopefully I can read them in longer than a week, though.  That was a little much.  (Speaking of, Mockingjay Parts One and Two are going to kill me.  Ugh, I’ll probably be all SGOINGLFALNKGNI after seeing them.  Excuse my pardon.)


2 – Marvel (or, more specifically, STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVE.)

I was never really a “superhero person” – up until about three years ago, that is.  Captain America: The First Avenger was my first real introduction to superheroes (the old Superman and Spider-Man movies don’t count because I didn’t like them at. all), and I’ve been hooked ever since!  I’ve seen more of the Marvel movies over the past year than I care to admit, and I love all of them (even the Thor movies, which, to be totally honest, I only love because of Hiddles.  Sue me.)  Steve Rogers will always be my favorite, though – and you can be sure that I’ll do many, many, many posts about him.

ABC's "Boy Meets World" - File Photos

1 – Boy Meets World

*sigh*  Boy Meets World, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.

There’s a reason why BMW is my top favorite fandom.  It’s real – that’s what I love about it.  There’s nothing wrong with the other Disney shows – I enjoy watching a few episodes of all of them.  However, you can only go so far with a TV show about bionic teenagers or a teenage rockstar or a group of super-smart kids.  Boy Meets World is real.  It’s about a group of teenagers with no ambitions to be famous, who go through normal struggles such as friendship problems, family problems, and school problems.  I’ve learned so much from this show since I discovered it last October – mostly due to mentor/teacher/neighbor/friend, George Feeny.  Feeny and the other adults on the show is the other reason why I love it – while they’re often very funny, they’re always smarter than the kids, who know to go to them for advice.  The episodes always have a point and a lesson to be learned.  I’m currently on Season Five, and I love it to itty-bitty bits and pieces.  (Don’t even get me started on how excited I am about Girl Meets World.)

review: girl meets world pilot episode

GMW!!!!!! The Girl Meets World pilot episode… what can I say? It was SO good!



Girl-Meets-World-Still1-300x210I discovered Boy Meets World last year, but I’ve already become a huge fan – so much so that I recommend it to all of my friends! So when I heard that there was going to be a sequel series, I could hardly wait! I downloaded the episode the moment it came out on iTunes, but I waited ’til last night to watch it for the first time, on Disney Channel. (We actually don’t have the Disney Channel, so my siblings and I drove an hour and a half to our grandparents’ house to watch it!)

852e73981c12bd97284df03501da3d85It was well worth the wait! Riley is the female embodiment of Cory, and Maya reminds me so much of Shawn that I know we’re in for some drama later on in the series. Farkle made me laugh quite a few times, and I can’t wait to see what happens with Lucas and Riley’s friendship! I think Ben and Danielle stole the show, though. Cory and Topanga were exactly like they were in Boy Meets World, and that alone made me so happy, I nearly cried.



HandshakeI did cry at the end, though, because the episode was so much like Boy Meets World, especially the moral of the story. Even though anyone could tell that this episode was the pilot episode, the show has great promise and, just like Boy Meets World, is destined to only get better! My favorite parts were the teasing between Cory and Topanga – “Let’s get married! Let’s have a kid! Let’s have another kid!” – and the foreshadowing of deep storylines in Maya’s simple line, “I’ve got nobody at home to help me with my homework.”


10273706_482972831802202_953830761396436494_nThe thing I loved the most about the episode, though, is how different it is from the other Disney Channel shows. Although I love Disney shows, they’re not as real as I’d like them to be. (Of course, being a Boy Meets World fan, I have high standards.) Like people have said before, Girl Meets World doesn’t seem like the kind of show that will be all about trying to get famous. It looks like normal life, which is what I love about Boy Meets World – the fact that it’s so real!


In conclusion, even though I initially had doubts about the show, the pilot completely won me over. I’m in for the long haul and can’t wait to watch more!PEYTON MEYER, AUGUST MATURO, BEN SAVAGE, ROWAN BLANCHARD, DANIELLE FISHEL, SABRINA CARPENTER, COREY FOGELMANIS