goodbye, emma.

(This post originally appeared on inklings press.)

I first discovered Pemberley Digital last year, when a friend of mine recommended The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. I watched a few episodes, but didn’t really get into it.

lbd05Then, in March, my grandfather died. We were at my grandma’s house for a week straight. I couldn’t handle all of the crying, so I went into the guest room one night and tried to find something to watch online. I couldn’t find anything.

Then, I remembered the LBD. I clicked on the playlist of the first ten episodes, deciding that I’d try it again.46de81980a577e6e6867d055ed222dd7

Fast forward to three am that night, when I finally told myself, ‘YOU HAVE TO GO TO BED.’

I’ve been a fan of Pemberley Digital ever since. I watched the entire series of the LBD again with Arwen, and I just bought it off iTunes and am watching it yet again. It’s that good!5966622d581892d170b9da14dac8f81b

(However, there’s some language and mature themes, so I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone under sixteen.)

Arwen is exactly like Jane, and it’s shocking how much I’m like Lizzie. CRAZY.enhanced-buzz-29449-1400451740-4

When I heard that Pemberley Digital would be making a miniseries of my favorite Jane Austen novel, Emma, I was ecstatic. Emma Approved has been everything I ever hoped it could be and more.0400f538a5a50267cd3779c42b7493cd

Watching the episodes on Mondays and Thursdays have become me and my younger sister’s Thing. As soon as the episodes come out, we’re on my laptop, laughing, crying, jeering, and smiling like idiots for the next few days… ’til the next episode comes out.

However, after today, it’s over.

No more Emma.aab10593fdd829cc594c84db9a2c54fb

No more Snarky Knightley.wink

No more KnightHouse.a360cffdf7fc0aee8d840e0d8fa6797f

No more B-Mart.0e002add70954434f456c821e25278fd

No more Harriet.290dd754397d08dda7637f74667c7de5

No more Harriet/B-Mart adorbs.c0a26b782334d0ab6ae394357ad669ab

No more Frank and Jane.b9abeda45033be9adf26ee2fdea56d8c

And, from what I’ve heard, no more Jane Austen for Pemberley Digital.


So I just want to say… thank you, Pemberley Digital. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to every Monday and Thursday, something for my younger sister and I to bond over, and something for my sisters and I to fangirl over.

Thank you.