fanvid friday | photograph {steve&peggy}

We have non-fanvid posts coming, I promise! ¬†ūüôā


fanvid friday | feet can’t keep on the ground {spider-man}

This is one of my favorite Spider-Man fanvids ever. ¬†I’m a pretty huge Peter Parker fan (as some of you may know), so that’s high praise. ¬†Why? ¬†Because, honestly, he’s got one of the best storylines of any Marvel character, and definitely one of the feelsiest. ¬†(Yes, Eva, even more feelsy than Steve and Bucky. ¬†I’m not even kidding.) ¬†I’m going to do an entire post about him one of these days, I promise. ¬†I just have to get my life in order first. ¬†ūüėČ

(The music for this video is a little dub-steppy.  : ))))) )

On a related note, how many of you enjoyed Nerd Christmas yesterday? ¬†A Star Wars trailer AND the Batman vs. Superman trailer! ¬†I didn’t really care about either, but does anyone want to weigh in on one or both of them?

seen the new ‘age of ultron’ trailer?

Fangirling sooooo hard right now….

My thoughts:

  • “I’ll take that from them first.” ¬†O_O
  • New Avengers tower!
  • So many Steve scenes!
  • What’s with Bruce/Natasha???
  • “I got no plans tomorrow night.” ¬†: ((((
  • Avengers vs. Themselves – UGH.
  • “You¬†had to ask.” ¬†The sass is strong with this one!
  • NEEDS MOAR¬†HAWKEYE. ¬†(And more Clintasha, but I’m not being picky.)

my thoughts on spider-man in captain america: civil war

(I wrote this post several weeks ago, so it’s a bit late to the party, but it’s my initial thoughts on the Spider-Man news, so I thought it was still worth posting. ¬†Comment with your thoughts about Marvel and Sony’s big news below!)

a6010e31310ae55625e9ace45e642b78Hot off the press is the news that Sony and Marvel have reached an agreement about bringing Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. ¬†It’s official: Spidey will be in Captain America: Civil War.

And all the nerds said, “AMEN!”

Peter Parker is key to the Civil War¬†plot line, because he joins Stark’s side of the debate in his revealing himself as Spider-Man. ¬†(And then some plot-twisty things happen that I won’t go into because spoilers.)

Already, there has been a lot of speculation about an actor to play Peter. ¬†Some of the fans are calling for a re-cast. While I have my own personal opinion (ANDREW GARFIELD IS THE BEST THING TO HAPPEN TO SPIDER-MAN WHY ON EARTH WOULD ANYONE CHANGE HIM HE IS PERFECTION IT’D BE SO WEIRD TO HAVE ANOTHER RANDOM ACTOR SUDDENLY POP UP AS PETER WHAT EVEN), I think, if a re-cast is necessary, there are a few ways Marvel could do it.

Marvel has, in the past, been extremely unique in their marketing. ¬†I think a company that can pull off hiding the identity of a character in Age of Ultron (because, as far as I know, we still don’t know who Andy Serkis’ character is), and blame a trailer leak on Hydra can think of an amazing way to reveal the casting of Peter Parker.

Here’s how I think they should do it.

Age of Ultron ends, and the credits roll.  Something awesome happens in the halfway-through-the-credits tag scene.

Moviegoers start to leave the theater… except for the true Marvel fans who know that there’s something else in store.

The screen darkens, then reveals Tony, sitting in his apartment, tinkering with something.  Pepper walks in and tells Tony that someone is there to see him.

“I couldn’t get him to tell me who he is. He won’t go away.”

Tony smiles and tells Pepper to let him in, still focused on his gadget.

We hear a knock at the door. Stark looks up and starts talking, using several witty Tony-isms. “I’ve heard a lot about you, kid.” He wipes his hands on a cloth and looks up at the person – still behind the camera, still unrevealed to us – as he says, “Think you’re ready for something like this?”

“I know I am,” is the reply.

Tony grins and holds out his hand. “Glad to have you on my side, Spider-Man.”

The next shot is his hand extending forward, then being shaken by the still-unseen Spidey.

Stark makes a Tony-esque face and says, “So who are you, really?”

Then the screen goes black.

The actor who plays Peter shows up to all of the public events with his Spidey mask on – or, in the case of AoU, just shows up on the red carpet as one of the random, insanely lucky actors who get to go to events like that. (Think Sebastian Stan’s amazing excuse when he showed up at the CA:TWS premiere.)

Shooting CA:CW without disclosing the identity of the actor would be a challenge, but I’m sure Marvel can handle it.

The key moment of the reveal is the actual reveal in the movie – when Spidey reveals himself to the world.

It’d be perfect.

Get on it, Marvel.


captain america: the winter soldier – THE BRAINWASHING SCENE

A couple days ago, I watched TWS for the third time (ahhhh…just as epic as ever!) and found that I had wayyyyy too many feelings and thoughts about The Brainwashing Scene (now rather infamous among the fans) to keep them to myself. ¬†So I’m going to dump everything on you guys, and we can all have a feels fest together. ¬†Before I get started, let me just say that I hate Pierce. ¬†I despise Pierce. ¬†He’s the worst Marvel villain, in my opinion, and one of the worst villains in general. ¬†I couldn’t be more against him and his methods if I tried. ¬†Just wanted to get that out of the way before I went on.

  • First of all, you may or may not have noticed that Bucky’s metal arm is WELDED to his SKIN. ¬†What kind of sick person does that to another person? (I used to feel sorry for Dr Zola – based on The First Avenger – but now my opinion of him is low, very low) ¬†HYDRA and everything connected to it is despicable and awful. ¬†The end.
  • Bucky’s flashbacks. ¬†Some of it we already know, namely the train scene (which is heartbreaking in and of itself), but there’s also Zola’s creepiness and operation and being put into deep freeze… ¬†And Bucky looks so frightened when the thingy (I don’t know if it’s a crate or case or coffin or WHAT) is freezing over.
  • Pierce’s slap. ¬†It’s so obvious that he doesn’t very the Winter Soldier as anything other than a machine (‘the asset’), and what do people do when their machines stop working? ¬†Hit them. ¬†The slap wasn’t even really all that hard, and after going through potentially dozens of horrific brain wipes, it probably didn’t really hurt Bucky at all. ¬†But it’s the physiological idea of the thing that matters.
  • And, finally, the actual brainwashing itself. ¬†I just…I don’t even really have any words. ¬†The whole scene is horrifying and disturbing and a whole lot of other adjectives that I won’t bore you with right now. ¬†It’s probably the hardest scene I’ve ever, well, seen. ¬†Do you agree?


movie scenes that really, really make me cry

Fandom feels, we are not alone #17

I’m pretty emotional when it comes to movies. ¬†If there’s a sad scene, you can pretty much be guaranteed that I’ll cry. ¬†Listing all the movie scenes that set me off would take forever (honestly) so I’ve whittled it down to the top five scenes that make me cry. ¬†I mean, really sob. ¬†Ugly crying, you know. ¬†There are actually several scenes that qualify for this thingy too (although most sad movie scenes just make me tear up…still, if I’m sad enough to tear up, the scene has¬†definitely touched me) so I’ve also based my picks on the scenes that have stuck with me the longest. ¬†Sometimes I’ll cry over a scene, and then not really think about if much afterwards (certain deaths in Downton Abbey come to mind) but these scenes are tried and true. ¬†And if I don’t end this post in a puddle of tears, it’ll be a miracle.

In alphabetical order (because I like being weird) using the movie titles…

~Captain America: The First Avenger

“You know, I still don’t know how to dance.”
“I’ll show you how. ¬†Just be there.”
“We’ll have the band play something slow. ¬†I’d hate to step on your-“
“Steve? ¬†Steve?”

~Catching Fire

“She was too young, too gentle. ¬†And I couldn’t save her. ¬†I’m sorry.”

~Les Miserables

*strains of Bring Him Home playing*

~Robin Hood

“What am I going to be without you?”
“You are already more of a man than I will ever be, Much. ¬†And you are my best friend.”


*gorgeous, Oscar-nominated music plays*


my feels triggers: eowyn

Hey, guys!!¬† Eowyn here.¬† I was going to do an epic post about one of my favorite fandoms… when I realized…



So I’m here to talk about my feels triggers.¬† The epic post will have to wait.¬† (Also, these are strictly my movie feels triggers.¬† If I included books in here… we’d all be here forever.)


6 – Disney

Okay, so I’m a 90’s kid.¬† Most of the movies during Disney’s (FIRST) Golden Age¬†came out when I was little, so I grew up on them.¬† Disney will always have a special place in my heart.¬† I’ve really enjoyed seeing the newer Disney movies going back to their older standards, which is why I called the Golden Age the first one.¬† The most recent examples of this are Frozen and Maleficent, which both show that true love isn’t always between a guy and a girl.


5 РLord of the Rings / The Hobbit

I’m a Tolkiendil, and Faramir is my favorite character in the entire Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit fandom.¬† I had to read all of the LOTR books before I could watch the movies, and I’ll remember them forever!¬† While I’m not one of those huuuuuge fans who has an entire cosplay¬†wardrobe or can say the pledge of allegiance in Elvish… I still love watching the movies – The Superior EXTENDED Editions, thankyouverymuch.


4- Les Miserables

Ugh,¬†Les Mis…. Why must you torture me so?¬† This is my favorite musical evah, and I love it for so many reasons!!!¬† Whenever someone says they don’t like it, I instantly go all “Who cares about your lonely soul?” on them.¬† (You don’t want to see me like that.¬† Trust me.)¬† Honestly, where is there a better example of the law vs. grace, besides Christ’s ultimate sacrifice for sinners like you and me?¬† True, it’s been called The Musical Where Everyone Dies, but it’s totally worth it.¬† One of my dreams is to see it on Broadway!


3 – The Hunger Games

Okay.¬† This is a relatively new fandom for me (as in, I was finally allowed to read the books and watch the movies less than a month ago), but I’m all in.¬† When I read the books, I was completely and totally enamored with how deep they all are!¬† There are so many great analogies and morals.¬† I can’t wait to read the books again!¬† Hopefully I can read them in longer than a week, though.¬† That was a little much.¬† (Speaking of, Mockingjay Parts One and Two are going to kill me.¬† Ugh, I’ll probably be all SGOINGLFALNKGNI after seeing them.¬† Excuse my pardon.)


2 – Marvel (or, more specifically, STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVE.)

I was never really a “superhero person” – up until about three years ago, that is.¬† Captain America: The First Avenger was my first real introduction to superheroes (the old Superman and Spider-Man movies don’t count because I didn’t like them at. all), and I’ve been hooked ever since!¬† I’ve seen more of the Marvel movies over the past year than I care to admit, and I love all of them (even the Thor movies, which, to be totally honest, I only love because of Hiddles.¬† Sue me.)¬† Steve Rogers will always be my favorite, though – and you can be sure that I’ll do many, many, many posts about him.

ABC's "Boy Meets World" - File Photos

1 – Boy Meets World

*sigh*  Boy Meets World, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.

There’s a reason why BMW is my top favorite fandom.¬† It’s real – that’s what I love about it.¬† There’s nothing wrong with the other Disney shows – I enjoy watching a few episodes of all of them.¬† However, you can only go so far with a TV show about bionic teenagers or a teenage rockstar or a group of super-smart kids.¬† Boy Meets World¬†is real.¬† It’s about a group of teenagers with no ambitions to be famous, who go through normal struggles such as friendship problems, family problems, and school problems.¬† I’ve learned so much from this show since I discovered it last October – mostly due to mentor/teacher/neighbor/friend, George Feeny.¬† Feeny and the other adults on the show¬†is¬†the other reason why I love it – while they’re often very funny,¬†they’re always smarter than the kids, who know to go to them for advice.¬† The episodes always have a point and a lesson to be learned.¬† I’m currently on Season Five, and I love it to itty-bitty bits and pieces.¬† (Don’t even get me started on how excited I am about Girl Meets World.)

my feels triggers: eva

Hi, everyone!¬† This is Eva [and I’m here to talk to you about the Avengers Initiative] and I’ll be writing today’s post.¬† I’ll be talking about some of the books, films, and musicals that trigger tears and feels and depression inside me (should be a fun topic, right?).¬† Now, I tend to cry at pretty much anything that’s even remotely sad, so if I listed every single thing that made me cry, we’d be here all week.¬† So I’m just going to list the biggest things.¬† The ones that make me cry the hardest, all the time.¬† Sometimes even when I just think about them.¬† And if I make it out of this post dry-eyed, it’ll be a miracle…

1. Les Misérables


Ah, Les Mis.¬† The ultimate fandom for feeeeels.¬† I mean, all the characters die except for two (and the Thenardiers don’t really count).¬† I’m sure there’s other fandoms that have done similar things (The Book Thief, and from what I’ve heard, Harry Potter is one of those, and the TV show Supernatural where all the main characters die several times), but you’ve got to admit that Les Mis is something…special.¬† I guess Victor Hugo just had it in for his characters.¬† Almost every death has its own heartbreaking song in the musical, and if you read the book, well, it’s even worse.¬† The entire book is depressing (although it does have its light spots), and if you don’t spend the entire second act of the musical is varying stages of tears, Les Mis feels just aren’t for you.¬† I bawl¬†my eyes out every time, without fail.¬† Feels Rating: 10/10

2. Marvel


You may be thinking to yourself ‘What?¬† Why is Marvel, of all things, on her list?¬† Don’t they make light-hearted, fun superhero movies?’.¬† Yes.¬† Yes they do.¬† Up against the grimmer DC movies such as Man Of Steel and the Batman trilogy, Marvel films are somewhat frothy barrels of laughter.¬† Plenty of humour, lots of cool special effects, and interesting (if not deep) plotlines.¬† BUT.¬† There is definitely lots of room for feels.¬† See, once upon a time, there was an agent of SHIELD named Phil.¬† And this agent believed in superheroes.¬† Really hard (especially Captain America).¬† Just like the big name superheroes, he would have done anything to keep his friends and his world safe from harm.¬† And, in the end, he sacrificed his life to reach that goal.¬† He still believed in those heroes – the Avengers – and eventually, they proved his faith in them right.¬† But it took his death to bring them together.¬† Are you CRYING yet???¬† Phil Coulson’s death is one of the hardest things I’ve ever watched.¬† And, besides that, there are a bunch of other examples in the Marvelverse.¬† “Yeah, I just…I had a date.”¬† SOBSOBSOB.¬† And what about The Winter Soldier?¬† FEELS ALL AROUND.¬† The Marvel movies are definitely fun, but there’s an underlying current of feels [at times] that’s impossible to ignore.¬† Feels Rating: 8/10

3. Jack Cavanaugh’s Books

[there’s no picture, because his work is, unfortunately, very little known]

Jack Cavanaugh knows how to write the ultimate emotional story.¬† I’m not going to say much about it, since very few people have ever heard of his books (so I wouldn’t be making much sense to anyone), but he’s my favorite modern author and his books always make me cry.¬† Each and every one of them.¬† Sometimes, it’s not even all that sad (although he writes character deaths extremely well).¬† It’s more the way he tells certain parts of the story.¬† One of my friends [+me] is still devastated over the death of one particular character (Pascal, I’m sure you know who I mean) and it’s been months since we read the book that he died in (it was The Allies, in case you’re interested in having your heart broken).¬† I say that if a book can still make me cry after multiple re-reads, it’s a good book, and that’s exactly what his do for me.¬† Feels Rating: 8/10

4. Frozen/Tangled (Frangled)


Goodness, Disney seems to want to wreck our lives, right?¬† Just look at the above pictures.¬† At least everything worked out all right in the end, but these two films still hit me right in the feels.¬† And it’s not just the scenes near the ending.¬† Some of the musical numbers can be pretty hard to take too – ‘Do You Want To Build A Snowman?’, ‘For The First Time In Forever (reprise)’, and ‘I See The Light’ are all cry-worthy songs, for all sorts of different reasons.¬† And what about the scene where Rapunzel unites with her parents?¬† Elsa melts the ice?¬† Eugene seemingly deserts Rapunzel?¬† Even the tiny things, like a facial expression or a phrase, have the power to induce tears, just because we know how things end up.¬† Basically anything with the king and queen in Tangled will melt me.¬† Same with Elsa in Frozen.¬† Everything hurts sometimes.¬† Feels Rating: 5/10

So there you have it.¬† A few of the most feelsy fandoms that I’m¬†a part of.¬† I could go on (Sue Thomas F.B.Eye, Johnny Tremain, The Book Thief…), but I won’t bore you (at least not right now).¬† I’ll probably have to do a part two sometime, but for now, let’s leave it at this, shall we?