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Yay for Age of Ultron leaked clips!!!  (Sorry about the lack of posting recently, guys.  Chalk it up to busy school schedules, life, and moving.  We’ll return to posting actual posts when we feel like it.)


six new unbroken clips!

I love this collage! @inklingspress

AKA ‘Prelude To Dying From Excessive Amounts Of Feelings’.


Ashley and I are going to be all “We’re gonna die out here!”  And our parents/siblings are going to be all “You’re not dying!!!”


Anywho.  SIX. NEW. CLIPS.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FOR MONTHS.  Now, I’m not naive.  They’ve probably chopped parts out of the already small clips, but it’s wayyyy better than nothing.  I’m just saying that we’ll have to wait until the movie comes out to see the scenes in their full glory.  Probably.  From what I can see, this film is going to be visually stunning.  Each clip was a pleasure to watch, just from an aesthetic point of view.  Lemme give you my thoughts on each clip…

  • ‘Pete Sees Louie Off’ (note to self: it’s LouiE, not LouiS) – Um.  Already, I’m crying.  And speechless.  And completely loaded down with the sheer amazingness of what this film’s going to be.  Without Pete, there wouldn’t be a story, and I LOVE how his and Louie’s relationship shines through in this little snippet.  LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.
  • ‘Berlin Olympics’ – This post is going to end up sounding like a broken record.  Again, I’m completely blown away by these clips.  The way it flips back and forth between Louie racing and the Zamperinis listening in on the radio made me smile.  Pete’s little “C’mon, Louie” and everyone speaking Italian and Louise half-crying…GAH.  Why did they have to cut it off???
  • ‘Flag Down A Passing Plane’ – Intense.  So. Intense.  I don’t know if my brain is going to be able to handle this movie.  The plane!  The sharks!  The water!  EVERYTHING!
  • ‘The Bird’ – Miyavi is amazing as the Bird.  I mean, he captured the twisted personality and evil/wrong presence of the Bird perfectly.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor.  He’s that good.  The way he kind of smiles when he says “Look at me” is…wow.  Chill-worthy, in a creepy way.
  • ‘Japanese Radio Men’ – This is the clip that really struck me with how visual this movie is.  The camera angles, the lighting, the glimpse of prisoners being marched away through a smudged window…I love the style of Unbroken already.  Again, Miyavi/the Bird is chilling and slightly insane and I’m cringing just thinking of everything that comes after this.  Including Louie’s letter home because I know I’m going to be majorly crying.
  • ‘Beat Their Captors’ – Two words: John Fitzgerald.  He’s got to be in my top three favorite characters (although picking favorite characters is extremely hard when it comes to Unbroken) and he’s awesome in this clip.  Quiet encouragement and just….I have endless amounts of admiration for Fitzgerald.  He did pretty much anything he had to so that the other prisoners would be safe (safer?) and in the end, when the camp was liberated, he refused to leave until all the sick POWs had been taken out.  Refused to leave.  I mean.  I just.  HOW HUGE IS THAT?

If you need me, I’ll just be an incoherent puddle of tears.


my CURRENT feels triggers: eva

So, awhile back, I posted about feels triggers. (as did Eowyn and Jane)  Those things I posted about still give me feels on a regular basis, but I’m always gaining new fandoms, latching onto new things, so what gives me major attacks of feels one day may not influence me so much the next.  Anyway, I’m going to talk about the things that currently have me all semi-depressed and feelsy on a regular basis. (I don’t know if Eowyn or Jane’ll be doing these posts as well – I just put my name in the post title so you wouldn’t have to wait till the very end of the post to figure out who exactly’s writing :))

  • Combat! – FEEEEEEEEEELS.  EVERYWHERE.  Ugh.  There’s too much I could say about this show and I won’t dump all that on you, but I’ll just say…be warned.  Don’t even think about watching any episodes unless you’re absolutely sure you want the whole thing to break your heart and crush your soul.  It’s not all doom and depression and hopelessness, but there’s enough to make a ‘sad is happy for deep people’ person, well, happy.  I recommend watching ‘Hills Are For Heroes’, ‘The Hostages’, ‘Glow Against The Sky’, ‘Bridgehead’, and ‘Survival’ if you want to enter the…interesting world of Combat! feels. (at least for starters)  And if you want happiness, watch ‘The Town That Went Away’, ‘The Party’, and ‘The Prisoner’.  Simple as that.
  • Unbroken – As Eowyn and I have discussed, ‘feels’ is too petty of a word to describe what I feel toward Unbroken.  For one thing, it’s a true story.  An amazing true story about, among other things, how God can work behind-the-scenes and turn a life around for His glory.  From what I’ve heard of the film, Angelina Jolie barely touched on Louis’ conversion, which I think is a crying shame.  If he hadn’t gotten saved, there wouldn’t be a story.  So read the book before you watch the film.  But, again, be warned.  It will consume your EVERYTHING. (check out my review of Unbroken here)
  • Songs In The Night (series) – Oh, man.  This series is just…amazing and intense and practically perfect in every way.  I’ve read it several times (in the middle of re-reading it right now) and it never gets old.  I’ve got the stories memorized (basically), I know the characters so well that they’re almost like close friends, and the stupid thing never fails to make me cry.  REALLY cry.  Several times.  I CAN’T EVEN WITH THESE BOOKS.  No-one besides my mom has read all three (and she read them a pretty long time ago), so I kind of feel like it’s my own, personal little thing that I don’t want anyone else to discover.  Does that make sense?  Probably not, but it’s how I feel. (check out my review of the second book, His Watchful Eye, here)
  • Saints And Soldiers – I key-smashed about all my feels for this movie in my review, so I won’t reiterate all of that.  Short version: this film is near perfection for a fangirl – super feelsy, awesome characters, interesting story.  If you’re a fan of war movies, you’ll love it.
  • WWII In General – That’s how I roll these days.  Everyone else is freaking out over Mockingjay Part 1 and I’m just sitting here with my super-obscure fandoms and no-one to share The Feelz with. *sigh* (not that I mind all THAT much)


P.S. Eowyn and I have decided between ourselves to make the ‘the awesomeness that is…’ posts a semi-regular thing.  Both guy and girl characters if at all possible.  Just a little news flash there 🙂

trailer analysis: unbroken

Forget Mockingjay Part 1.  THIS film is going to shred my heart into a million pieces.

{Feelsy Feels is officially running again – enjoy the posts!}

This film is going to break my heart and crush my soul.  I’ve read the book twice (read my review here) and cried my way through both reads.  There’s something intensely emotional and gripping about Louis Zamperini’s story, and while I can’t wait to watch the movie, I’m also kind of dreading it.  I’m pretty much positive that I’ll cry as much as I did when I watched Les Miserables (2012), if not more.  The trailer is an amazing glimpse into the film (unlike some trailers, which tell you next to nothing about what they’re advertising) and for someone who’s read the book, I can tell you that it looks like Angelina Jolie is doing a fantastic job with keeping everything accurate.  I watched the trailer before I read the book, but even then it had me in tears.  And now that I know the background behind most of the clips and dialogue…let me just say that it’s a very emotional experience.

Because I want to share some of the feelings I have about this story, this movie, and specifically this trailer, I’ve decided to do a trailer analysis.  It might turn out to be a bit long since, even though I won’t be focusing on every second of the trailer, I have a lot of emotions about pretty much everything in trailer, and I want to share it all with you.

Shall we begin?

  • :13 – Our first glimpse of Louis.
  • :18 – I love how the trailer starts out with action, right away.  Because this story is full of that kind of thing.
  • :23 – Young Louis.
  • :25 – “The light will always follow darkness.”  GAH.  I’m already crying.
  • :28 – Some of Louis’ boyhood exploits…running away from police, fighting other boys, being hauled away by the police.  In his own words, he was ‘a rotten kid’.
  • :37 – “You train, you fight harder than those other guys, and you win.”  I love Pete.  I really do.
  • :44 – “If you can take it, you can make.” (sorry for the excess of quotes, but they’re all SO GOOD)
  • :47 – All the racing bits look both exciting and emotional.  I wonder if they’ll keep in Louis being slashed by the other racers…and still finishing the race.
  • :49 – “Pop does.  Ma does.  I do.”  Okay, yeah.  This film.  I just.  Can’t. (and is it just me, or does Grown-Up Pete look a little like David from the Newsies film?  It might just be the hat…)
  • 1:00 – The Olympics!  Can’t wait to see this part played out.
  • 1:05 – The ‘just before Pete and Louis leave for war’ photo :(((((((
  • 1:09 – The crash.  THE. CRASH.  It’s going to be intense, based on the snippets from the trailer alone.
  • 1:14 – They look so alone on the water.  Which, of course, they are.
  • 1:15 – “WE’RE NOT DYING!”
  • 1:18 – “I’ve got good news and bad news.”  In the Olympics trailer, they actually show Louis saying this, he’s right next to Phil, and it’s just…it’s heartbreaking.  Really heartbreaking. (as Eowyn can attest to)
  • 1:23 – Prisoners trooping into what I assume to be one of the several camps Louis was held at.  Now we’re getting to the depressing, heartwrenching part of the trailer.  With the Bird and torture and everything else.
  • 1:28 – The Bird: “Don’t look at me.”  Louis: *looks at him*
  • 1:33 – “Hello Mother, Father.  This is your Louis talking…”  Yeah, I’m not crying.  There’s just a world war in my eye.
  • 1:37 – Pete almost-crying always gets to me.  ALWAYS.  I’m not sure what he’s reacting to in the short clip, since movie trailers usually splice clips and dialogue in places where they really don’t go together, but it still makes me cry.
  • 1:45 – 200 punches.  When I watched the trailer (before reading the book), this part stuck out to me the most, for some reason.  Maybe because the idea of it is so horrible.  Again, I really have no words.  Annnnd I’m still crying.
  • 1:53 – Gorgeous cinematography.
  • 1:54 – Several prisoners looking out a train window at…something?  I feel like I should know what it is, but I don’t.  I thiiink it could possibly be all of them coming home.
  • 2:03 – Circling sharks.  This is going to be another edge-of-your-seat moment.
  • 2:17 – “Stay down.”
  • 2:21 – Louis holding up the beam.  The expressions all all the other prisoners’ faces.  That’s it.  I’m 24601% done.


feelsy thoughts on ww2

This photo was taken in February 1943, but not published until September, when it became the first image of dead American troops to appear in LIFE during World War II. George Strock's photo was finally OK'd by government censors, in part because FDR feared the public was growing complacent about the war's horrific toll.      Read more:

Yes, I know it’s not fandom-related.  But it’s real life, and that’s better than fandom.  I’ve been swamped with WWII feels, books, movies, etc., for weeks now.  Rat Patrol, the Liberation trilogy by Rick Atkinson, Unbroken (review coming soonish!), Battle Of The Bulge (the movie), and prep for the WWI/WWII course I’ll be going through this school year.  WWII stories, movies, music, non-fiction always makes me cry.  I don’t look at battle statistics and see numbers.  I see lives – each individual life is part of the bigger picture.  Stories and movies are even more heartbreaking that non-fiction (sometimes) because faces are personalized, stories become real, and you can’t help but hurt for the characters.  I could go on for hours about WWII, how I feel about it, my favorite books and movies surrounding it, but I won’t.  Instead, I want to share with you an excerpt of an essay, a picture, and a quote.

Sent to my by a friend, this except is one of the worst and best things I’ve read on war. (it was the thing that inspired this post)

“Earning honor under fire changes who you are. The blast-furnace of battle burns away impurities encrusting your soul. The white-hot forge of combat hammers you into a purified, hardened warrior willing to die rather than break your word to friends – your honor.

“The biggest sadness of your life is to see friends falling. The biggest surprise of your life is to survive the war. Although still alive on the outside, you are dead inside – shot thru the heart with nonsensical guilt for living while friends died. The biggest lie of your life torments you that you could have done something more, different, to save them. Their faces are the tombstones in your weeping eyes, their souls shine the true camaraderie you search for the rest of your life but never find.

“You live a different world now. You always will.  Your world is about waking up night after night screaming, back in battle.  Your world is about your best friend bleeding to death in your arms, howling in pain for you to kill him.  Your world is about shooting so many enemies the gun turns red and jams, letting the enemy grab you.  Your world is about struggling hand-to-hand for one more breath of life.  

“You never speak of your world. Those who have seen combat do not talk about it. Those who talk about it have not seen combat.  You come home but a grim ghost of he who so lightheartedly went off to war. But home no longer exists. That world shattered like a mirror the first time you were shot at. The splintering glass of everything you knew fell at your feet, revealing what was standing behind the mirror – grinning Death – and you are face to face, nose to nose with it!

“You did your duty, survived the dance, and returned home. But not all of you came back to the civilian world. Your heart and mind are still in the Warrior’s World, as far away from the civilian world as Mars. They will always be in the Warrior’s World. They will never leave, they are buried there. In that far off hallowed home of honor, life is about keeping your word.

Back in the civilian world, however, people have no idea that life is about keeping your word of honor . They think life is about ballgames, backyards, barbecues, babies and business.” ~from ‘The Warrior’s Code Of Honour’ by Paul R. Allen

This picture (collage, really) always makes me tear up.  I don’t know why, it just does.

Same place, different time.....oh, goodness, this made me cry.

And, finally, the quote.

“Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.” ~Winston Churchill