fanvid friday | photograph {steve&peggy}

We have non-fanvid posts coming, I promise! ¬†ūüôā


fanvid friday | she will be loved {randy&sharona}

So my siblings and I started watching Monk this past Christmas, after having it recommended to us by my awesome aunt and uncle. And now we’re on the sixth season. I think I can say that it’s pretty much one of my favorite TV shows ever. (Boy Meets World will forever be my favorite, though. Let’s not get crazy.) It’s got the perfect blend of comedy and mystery, with a dash of romance that isn’t overdone at all. Before Bitty Schram left the show, the romance between her and Randy Disher was just swoon-worthy. (And now we have to content ourselves with the peeks into Monk’s ongoing romance with Trudy. *sigh*)

(Obligatory rant: There’s a serious lack in Monk fanvids. I WANT TO BE ABLE TO BINGE-WATCH RANDY&SHARONA VIDEOS. GET ON THIS, PEOPLE.)

Anyway. Here’s my favorite Randy&Sharona fanvid. (If anyone’s found or, better yet, MADE better ones, comment with the link!)

fanvid friday | clintasha

Just saw Age of Ultron, so today we’re doing¬†Clintasha fanvids, because why on earth not. ¬†(Except that one reason… ugh. ¬†Spoilery Clintasha feels rant to follow shortly.)

Solo Natasha:

Solo Clint:

Grand finale with my favorite:

fanvid friday | sparkwood {cloudy with a chance of meatballs}

Flint Lockwood & Sam Sparks (Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs)

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Flint and Sam(antha) are just about the most adorable couple in the history of animated movies. ¬†He’s dorky and smart and she’s dorky and smart and they’re perfectly suited for each other and they have an absolutely darling relationship that gets even better in the second movie. ¬†Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find too many fan-videos centered around them, but I’ll share my favorite one, at least. ūüôā



fanvid friday | knighthouse {emma approved}

Okay, so KnightHouse (Alex Knightley + Emma Woodhouse) is one of my OTPs.  I love them so much, and I ship them SO. HARD.

Therefore, I’ve seen a lot of fanvids for them.

And these are a few of my favorites.

You’re welcome.

This one’s great…


But this one’s my FAVORITE. ¬†Watch it three times if you need to. ¬†I won’t judge.

fanvid friday | maya/lucas vs. maya/josh {girl meets world}

So I’ve been watching a lot of Girl Meets World lately. ¬†It’s *quite* obvious that the writers put Lucas into the story¬†to be the romantic lead and, probably, end up with Riley.

But anything can happen.

To this day, I still can’t decide whether I ship Joshaya or Lucaya (as some fans have labeled the ships). ¬†I can see Lucas and Maya getting together in the end because of the friendship and romantic tension between them that has surfaced already, but I also think Josh and Maya would be SUPER cute together. ¬†But who knows – maybe Maya just currently has an infatuation with Josh (she is, however, “in for the long haul.”).


(I also watch the following video fairly often – it’s on my “loop” playlist – and I think it accurately describes the tension between the two. ¬†Which, as a writer, I love.)