the book thief: fanvids

‘ello!  Eowyn here again.  I’m pressed for time, so all I have for you are more fanvids.  More next week, I pinky promise!

This week, I’d like to share some videos from the movie, The Book Thief.  I’ve read the book twice and recently saw the movie for the first time (and loved it, minus a few inaccuracies from the book!).  Here are some fanvids from TBT that I love!

(Disclaimer: Do NOT watch these unless you’ve seen the movie/read the book because SPOILERS ABOUND!)



(This is actually my favorite Rudy/Liesel video, but the picture on the video when I post it is spoilery, so you’ll have to watch it on YouTube instead.)

Topic of Conversation: I ship young Rudy and young Liesel, but because of Events At The End Of The Book, I ship older Liesel with Max and believe that their relationship changes from brother/sister to lovers.  What do you guys think?