fanvid friday | if you can’t feel, what’s the point? {the giver}

(Heyyyoooo!  Eowyn here, back from the evil clutches of college and life in general.  As some of you might know, Eva, Jane, and I tried to do a posting schedule when we first started feelsy feels, and it worked… for a while.  My day always ended up being about fanvids, though (I have no idea whyyyyyyy…. 😉 ).  I’m trying to step up the actual posts, but I think while that gets underway we’ll start a new series called Fanvid Friday where – you guessed it – Eva, Jane, and I will post new fanvids we love every Friday.  Savvy?  Let’s do this thing.)

This has got to be one of my favorite fanvids for The Giver.  I love the parallels between what Jonas told Fiona and what Fiona told Mother, and I also teared up when I realized what the song was.