Welcome to feelsy feels!



Jack Cavanaugh.

Anne of Green Gables.


Hans (of the Southern Isles).

The Winter Soldier.

Mac Campbell.

If you’re still able to read these words because they’re not blurry through the tears brimming over in your eyes, you have no business being here.

feelsy feels is for fans of anything and everything – books, movies, musicals, you name it.  It’s a public place to rant and vent our feels so that we don’t disturb those around us.  (People like you, you non-crying people.  Go away.)

I first got the inspiration for feelsy feels after starting a Skype group with two good friends, specifically to fangirl over the upcoming release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  We’re still going strong, making inside jokes about changing the words to ‘One Day More,’ performing one another’s funerals, and crying over Bucky.  It’s been quite therapeutic.  Our conversations literally consist of…

“OHMYSTARS.  THIS.”  *sends picture*



“I just died inside…”



And then everybody cries.  (Together in spirit, but apart because of the miles that separate us.)

I’ve decided that this sharing-of-feels shouldn’t be limited to just me and my two friends.  No, I’ve decided to open it up to the whole world.  I will write a few of the posts to get started, enlist a few other friends to write a few, but I want it to mainly run on guest posts.

Yes, this means you.

feelsy feels is for feels, and that doesn’t just mean comments.  That means active participation.

YOU get to write the posts.  YOU get to rant about your fandoms.  YOU get to indulge in a little fangirling (or fanboying) over your favorite thing in the world.

Only a few disclaimers – although I’d love to indulge everyone, I won’t publish anything that goes against my convictions or preferences, anything with too many inappropriate references or jokes, or anything that doesn’t honor God.  Anything that falls under these categories will be discarded with a polite, but firm, “Thank you, but I won’t be able to publish that.”

Now!  With all of that behind us…